Transferring High School Credits

While attending LRVC you are able to work on your Mature High School Diploma (MSD)

The Mature High School Diploma has a graduation requirement of 8 credits, for any high school grade level and Grade 12 Math, Grade 12 English Language Arts, to other Grade 12 courses of your choice.

If this is something you are interested in please contact the Adult Learning Centre (ALC) to set up an appointment to create an individual learning plan. Please contact Krista or Tobias at the emails below:

There are many different options to obtain your credits:

Take a Course

You can attend on site classes or work from a distance. We offer a large variety of courses to suit any post-secondary or employment needs. More programming is being added online in our Learning Management System.

Transfer Credits

In most cases we are able to transfer previously obtained high school credits. When you come in to apply simply bring in a copy of your transcript for us, if you do not have a copy let us help you. We do realize not everyone has previously earned credits, no problem.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If there is a particular subject area that you have previous knowledge of we can work with you to assess you based on what you already know to put towards a credit.

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