Louis Riel Funding and Bursaries

*The following bursaries & services are Specific to Métis Citizens & are only Applicable to People with Métis Citizenship.*

The Louis Riel Institute Bursary (LRI)

The MMF continues to support Red River Métis students at several post-secondary institutions within Manitoba through the Louis Riel Institute (LRI).

The LRI confirms the applicant's eligibility for the bursary through a partnership with the student's post-secondary institution & verification of Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) citizenship.

Students eligible may apply for the Louis Riel Bursary every year they are enrolled at one of the available post-secondary institutions.

Students interested in applying can contact their post-secondary institution directly or the Louis Riel Institute to request an application.

For Further Information, Proceed to the Link Below:

Website: www.louisrielinstitute.ca/lri-bursaries-and-awards

Contact Information:

Email: lri@lrilearn.ca

Phone: 204-984-9480

Post-Secondary Education Financial Support Program (PSEP)

The MMF Post-Secondary Education Support program (PSEP) is only open to MMF Citizens, including those in the registration process.

Manitoba Métis Provincial Education invests in students' future through various programs & supports for post-secondary funding, as it is not a bursary.

PSEP provides financial assistance to Métis students enrolled in eligible post-secondary education programs, which include:

  • undergraduate programs
  • advanced or professional degree programs
  • Masters and Doctoral programs

The MMF Post-Secondary, Education Support Program aims to improve the education of students from within the Manitoba Métis community by providing funding to access educational opportunities at the post-secondary level.

For Further Information, Proceed to the Link Below:

Website: www.mmfeducation.ca

Contact Information:

Email: psesp.info@mmf.mb.ca

Phone: 204-229-7647

Métis Employment & Training (MET)

Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) Métis Employment & Training Department (MET) links employment and training programming to current and future labour market demands, ensuring that Canada's Indigenous people can fully participate in employment and economic opportunities.

MET offers employment and/or skills training programs and services to assist our Métis community and citizens; these include assessment of client needs, career planning, reviewing job search techniques, assistance with job search, job boards, labour market information, access to academic knowledge, and directing clients to training programs, educational programs, and employers.

Métis students entering full-time studies may be eligible for sponsorship. Training programs that meet these requirements include apprenticeships, technical training, occupational or industry-recognized skills training, cooperative education programs, and academic upgrading. Financial support is available for students who meet specific eligibility criteria, such as tuition and mandatory course fees, books, supplies, equipment, and training allowances.

The MMF has always nurtured partnerships to provide clients with the best possible service. These partnerships combine resources, establish links to meaningful employment and create unique training opportunities for MET's clients.

To initiate your application and determine eligibility for financial sponsorship, please download and complete the Client Intake form from their website and submit it by Email to MET@mmf.mb.ca

For Further Information, Proceed to the Link Below:

Website: www.mmfemployment.ca

Contact Information:

Telephone: (204) 586-8474 ext. 2731

Toll-Free: 1-800-665-8474 ext. 2731

Here is a Link to the Contact Information for the MET'S Regional Offices Email:


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