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Indigenous Focused Early Childhood Educator Diploma Program

The Indigenous Focused Early Childhood Educator Diploma Program (IFECE) is the first of its kind diploma program offered by a Private Vocational College in the province of Manitoba.


The Louis Riel Vocational College (LRVC) embraces the philosophy that childhood education is the fastest growing and most important career choice in Manitoba today. With so many families struggling to find quality childcare, this career is only expected to grow and evolve into the foreseeable future.

Participants in the program will be immersed in a "play based, child centered" program that enables both the participant (the student) and the end user (the children) to re-establish and re-connect to the land, language and Elder teachings.


Our mission for the program is to prepare you to excel as an Early Childhood Educator. As an Indigenous focused college, we capitalize on our unique opportunity of helping our Indigenous communities to overcome the barriers that exist in traditional education. Once graduated, it is our sincere hope that you embark on a career that will change the direction of the next generation of Indigenous children and help them to form the foundation needed to become lifelong learners.


Our Indigenous focused early childhood educator diploma program has been carefully designed to ensure that graduates are employment ready by providing the necessary supplemental courses and programs that are mandatory in order to seek employment.


Indigenous Focused Early Childhood Educator

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For more information or to reserve your spot in this workshop please contact:


Margaret Flett @ margaret.flett@mmf.mb.ca

Or Karla Ristock @ karla.ristock@mmf.mb.ca

Or by Phone: (204) 984-9480