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Employment Counselor Diploma Program

Our Employment Counselor Diploma Course is designed as an entry level diploma program that will develop and enhance employment counseling knowledge, skills and abilities in a highly participatory learning environment.


The program engages participants in the practical application of career counseling theory and techniques through a combination of classroom lectures, group discussion and

practical application of the theory and concepts with a focus on real life uses of their individual and collective experiences.


Participants in the program will gain new skills through exposure to proven tools and techniques for engaging and facilitating clients seeking information on or assistance with choosing a career, developing a realistic career path, securing and maintaining employment and transitioning to new careers.


The  Employment Counselor Diploma Course is aligned generally aligned with the core competencies outlined by the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners.


The Employment Counselor Diploma Course can be delivered to individuals or through a customization of the overall program for organizations and employers wanting to help their employees gain new capacities and practical knowledge in specific skills areas through the delivery of the programs to groups up to twenty participants.



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For more information or to reserve your spot in this workshop please contact:


Margaret Flett @ margaret.flett@mmf.mb.ca

Or Karla Ristock @ karla.ristock@mmf.mb.ca

Or by Phone: (204) 984-9480