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Adult Learning Center (ALC)

The Louis Riel Institute Adult Learning Centre is a Manitoba certified Adult Learning and Literacy Centre. We are funded by the Province of Manitoba’s Adult Learning and Literacy Branch. The ALC is a non-traditional high school for adults. Our centre is learner focused and we strive to create an academic environment that is safe, comfortable and supportive. Our courses are delivered in modules using an On-line Course Delivery Portal and/or through classroom delivery. We integrate technology into all of our courses and have a fully equipped computer lab available to support our learners.


Each student will meet with the Retention and Support Worker to create an individualized learning plan. This ensures that you are working towards your career and/or educational goals. We also have many other student support services onsite.


Not sure what you want to do after you graduate? Every month we have presentations from post-secondary institutions to inform the learners about their programs and what the most in demand jobs are. We also have industry experts come in to give us some up to date information on the labour market.


Courses Offered


English Language Arts

• Comprehensive English Language Arts 30S and 40S (*)

This course provides students with multiple opportunities to engage with and provide a variety of texts, both pragmatic and aesthetic or literary.  It includes an extensive selection of learning resources.  Students explore various texts, both those produced by others and created by them.


• Technical Communications English Language Arts 40S (*)

This course is for learners to explore what technical communication is, how important technical communication is to everyday life, and how technical documents are designed and organized in unique and creative ways. Learners will have the opportunity to incorporate their own ideas and thoughts into tasks and assignments, and to build a foundation of skills that will be valuable for post-high school life.


• English Language Arts 10F (*)

In this course students will gain development in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing. The student will gain knowledge and develop skills, strategies, and attitudes to enhance their learning. The study of English Language Arts enables students to understand and appreciate language and to use it confidently in a variety of situations.



• Mathematics 10F (*)

This course contains many interesting topics in Mathematics.  Students will use skills and procedures already learned to solve problems.  Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared to continue the study of Mathematics in their Grade 10, 11, or 12


• Essential Math 20S and 40S

This course emphasizes consumer applications, problem solving, and decision making, as well as sense and number use


• Applied Math 40S

Students in this course will master essential skill in topics that have become important in post-secondary initiations, technology based industries, and daily living.


• Essential Math 40S

Students in this course will master essential skill in topics that have become important in post-secondary initiations, technology based industries, and daily living.



Optional Courses



• History of the Western Civilization 40S

This course introduces the people, ideas and events that have shaped western civilization.  Canadian political, economic, legal and social systems are based on these traditions. In this senior history course, more than thirty centuries of material is handled using six major themes: religion, ideology, humanism, individualism, secularism and skepticism.


• Geography 40S

Grade 12 Geography deals with the interrelationships of humans and the worldwide environment. Students explore the environment, population, food supply, resources, industrialization urbanization, and how human relationships with the environment also influence economics, sociology, political and ecology.


• Global Issues  40S


• Grade 12 Global Issues helps learners gain a better understanding of issues facing the local       community, country and the world.  This hands-on course challenges students to become empowered, educated citizens for change.  Topics include but not limited to: Media, Consumerism, Social Justice and Human Rights, Biotechnology and Health, Indigenous Peoples, Environment, etc.


• Law 40S

This course provides students with an introduction to the legal system as well as the principals, practices, and consequences of the law with regards to torts, contracts, crimes, property rights, family, and inheritance.  This course also provides an Aboriginal perspective of the law.


• Metis Studies 41G

Exploring the history of the Metis people, their culture, heritage and their way of life.


• Family Studies 40G

This course will educate students on the many alternatives in life, Such as personal development, relationships, life choices, parenthood, and diversity in families.


• Physical Education/Healthy Active Lifestyles 40F

This course provides learners with planned and balanced programming to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for physically active and healthy lifestyles. The vision is physically active and healthy lifestyles for all learners.



• Biology 40S (*)

Grade 12 Biology (40S) is designed to assist students in achieving a greater understanding of human genetics, bioenergetics, the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom.


• Physics 40S (*)

The Grade 12 Physics course assists students on interpreting much of the environment around them.  This course is extensive in its length.

• Chemistry 40S (* in-class ONLY January 2014-April 2014)

The Grade 12 Chemistry course is the study of matter and its interactions. Reaction kinetics, acids and bases, and chemical equilibrium are some of the topics covered in the course.


Computer Literacy


• Print Communications 25S and Desktop Publishing 35S

Learn applications in Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Access.





Mature Student Diploma: 8 Credits


To attain a MSD:

4 of the credits must be grade 12 courses

2 of those credits must be English (12) and a Math (12)




For more information contact :


Joel Boyce

Phone : 204 984 9480

Email: joel.boyce@mmf.mb.ca


Terri-Lynn Habinski

Phone : 204 984 9480

Email terri-lynn.habinski@mmf.mb.ca



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